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reporter has questions on 'Coming Out As Bisexual' for US LGBT Newspaper

For anyone who is interested in participating, in conjunction with National Coming Out Day, celebrated on October the 11th in the USA, Mr. Joshua Lynsen a reporter for the LGBT paper Washington Blade newspaper in Washington DC is writing an article who's subject is how someone comes out as bisexual, and the experiences and challenges unique to that process. If you are openly bisexual, please take a few moments to answer and e-mail (via 'cut & paste' into an e-mail) back to him the questions below.

A. Deadline for return of answers is Sunday, October 1st 2006

B. It's important that you are comfortable with having your full name, age, place of residence, and sexual orientation printed in the paper. He cannot use responses that do not include this information, (non-negotiable item meant to preserve journalistic integrity . . . in other words, so a reporter can't fabricate a story and all sources can always be checked on by independent observers).

C. This is for a US english-language LGBT Newspaper although the story could gain wider circulation via the internet, etc.

D. No mention has been made that only US citizens or residents are eligible to answer the questions.

E. To answer the questionnaire please copy and paste the questions into your e-mail, type the answers in there, e-mail them back to the reporter by Sunday October 1st 2006 US Eastern Standard Time.


Please return filled out questionnaire to Joshua Lynsen, News reporter Washington Blade 202-797-7000, ext. 239 by Sunday 1 October 2006

1. When did you come out? Describe the experience, including who you first told, why you decided to tell the person, and what kind of reaction you received.

2. Was this experience what you expected it would be? How did it match your expectations? How was it different?

3. Since that time, what other reactions have you received from people when they learn your orientation? Does the reaction vary at all based on that person's orientation? For example, are the reactions from gays and lesbians different or similar to the reactions from straights?

4. Have you ever had someone challenge your orientation, or assert that bisexuality does not exist? If so, how did you react to that challenge? If not, what do you think is the best way to handle such a situation?

5. One concern I've heard is that bisexuals are sometimes alienated by gays and straights, because there's a perception that bisexuals do not "belong" among either group. Have you experienced such a situation, whether overtly or through more subtle expressions?

6. How would you describe the status of bisexuality in American culture today? Is it acknowledged? Is it understood? Is it accepted? Is it belittled? Is it ignored? Explain your answer.

7. A phenomenon that's been described to me is that of "The Second Closet", where a person who came out as gay later realizes they are still attracted to the opposite sex, and thus must come out again, this time as bisexual. I've been told that there's a reluctance by some to take this step. What advice would you offer in this situation?

8. For people who are in a straight relationship, are experiencing same-sex attractions, and considering whether to tell their partner and discuss bisexuality, what advice would you offer?

9. More generally speaking, if you were to give advice to a friend about how to come out as bisexual, including things to consider and challenges they might face, what would you tell them?

10. Is there anything I did not ask you that you about this topic or your own experiences that would like to mention?

YOUR NAME (first and last):
YOUR AGE (as of October 6th 2006):

Thank you again for taking the time to respond. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the reporter Mr. Lynsen at or 202-797-7000, ext. 239

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